Maybe a bug:Except for "delete all guides" through the right-click menu, the selected guides cannot be deleted individually


I added a guides to the page. Except for “delete all guides” through the right-click menu, the selected guides cannot be deleted individually.
The reference manual says that you can right-click to select the reference line and delete it by pressing delete on the keyboard.
However, after right-clicking, the right-click menu will automatically pop up, and the reference line cannot be selected.
If you click with the left button, you can select the guide line, but pressing delete on the keyboard has no effect.
I think maybe this is a bug.

My axure version:
My operating system:windows 11


Hi @coolbruce, thanks for writing in! I’ve tested on Win 11, and I could not reproduce this issue. When you delete your guide line, you need to hover over it until the mouse cursor changes its appearance, then either left-click it and press “Delete” on the keyboard or right-click and select “delete” in the context menu. I’ve recorded a short video that demonstrates this process: I hope this helps!


Thank you for your reply. On my Windows 11, there is no hover effect when the mouse is placed on the reference line. Please see my screen recording for details. Thank you.


Hello, thank you so much for attaching a link to your video–it’s so helpful! I’ve been trying to reproduce the issue on different versions of Windows, but unfortunately, without any success. That might point us towards the fact that some settings on your machine can cause this behavior. Can you please run a few extra steps to see if they help?

  • Are you able to select a guideline by pressing the left button on your mouse and selecting the area that contains it? Can you delete the guideline afterward by pressing the “Delete” key on your keyboard? It should look like this:

  • Can you please try reinstalling your mouse driver?

  • If you use some mouse features from Microsoft like “Mouse without borders”, can you try to disable them temporarily?

  • Please try reinstalling Axure.

  • Can you try to open Axure on another machine to see if you can remove the guidelines there? This will help us ensure that the issue is machine-specific.

Please let us know how it goes!


Thank you for your reply:

  • The box selection still doesn’t work.
  • Reinstalling the mouse driver has no effect (my mouse is logitech)
  • Reinstalling axure on my has no effect
  • but,I installed axure on windows’sandbox(in the same pc),and is ok.

So, it’s probably a problem with my computer, although I don’t know exactly what the problem is.