Mega menu on hover


I’m sure I fixed this in the past but I can’t remember how:

Hover over visit
Move mouse as if to select something in the mega menu
Mega menu disappears

Using on mouse enter and on mouse exit on a hotspot over the main menu.


Ha ha… I’m sure I’ve solved this in the past, too…

I think if your hotspot lines up perfectly or overlaps with the mega menu you can add a conditional case to the Mouse Exit event, like “If cursor is not over area of Mega Menu” Hide Mega Menu.

Likewise, the Mouse Exit of Mega Menu should test if cursor is not over area of all your hotspots (or a group/dynamic panel containing all your hotspots) before it hides itself.

If you don’t want the Mega Menu to blink when hovering over your top menu items, just make sure their widgets or hotspots line up perfectly or even overlap a bit.


I’m back looking at this now. This is the approach I went for in the end but I wanted to do some more digging.

In the docs, it says about using Flyouts:

This doesn’t work. I’ve tried overlapping the widget, not overlapping it, bringing the panel I want to show to the front, not bringing it to the front.

This should be easy!


How did you end up fixing this?