Missed Features from V8 and some improvements

It’s great that Beta 9 is finally available and we’re allowed to attack it :slight_smile:

First of all I would like to thank the tireless developers. In any case, the new version of Axure contains many meaningful and useful enhancements that make my daily work easier.
Of course i have expect more from a version jump before the comma, but maybe Version 10 will come faster than Verrsion 9.

To the beta:
I miss two features from version 8, that might be implemented later or hidden somewhere else:

  • Painter: for copy and apply styles
  • Preview: get the link for single page

If somehow possible (which is rarely possible with betas) I would like to see the following improvements:

  • That you can disable the negative pane completely: currently it is annoying that you have to click on the 0,0 icon in the ruler again and again to get back to the initial state.
  • Notes for Groups

Otherwise, the beta is very stable, which an evil contemporary may interpret as meaning that too few new features have been added. I’ve only crashed the beta once so far: when I added a very large images folder.

I think the new interface needs getting used to, I wouldn’t have needed anything new.
In particular, I find the operation of the Interaction Panel more complicated and confusing.
But as you know, you get used to everything.


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Forgot something else:
It’s unbelievable that bullet points are finally formatted with indentation :slight_smile:
But the feature is not implemented in a way that you can change the indentation of the bullet points (or did I miss something?).
In my opinion this would be important so that the bullet points can be positioned in a mixed text field (bullet points and normal text) at the left edge.

One thing I found after noticing the paintbrush had disappeared: you can now copy a widget, then select your target widget and paste the style. (Right-click > paste special gives you one path; keyboard shortcut depends on your system.)

MacOs Sierra 10.12.2, shortcut Alt+Command+V does not work. Have to right-click and paste special :frowning:

UPD: turned Axure off and ran it again, shortcut works fine now. Hm.

Thanks, I had already discovered this possibility, but of course it’s not quite the same as the Painter (where I could set what I want to take over), but it’s definitely helpful.

For sure, it suits a different style of working. Personally, I’m glad for the paste option–when I want this feature I’m much more likely to copy the source widget and replace the target because I just want this one to look like that one, and the painter dialog feels like too much thinking. But I’m sure others love the level of control.

+1 on the missing paint brush. The copy paste option is not good enough
+1 on the annoying minus axis - way too accessible…

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Can one of the Axure team explain to me why you made the Interactions Panel so generous? This makes it so difficult to read.
After all, I work with a 4K Monitor and still there is sometimes too little space for the display of all interactions, see attached screenshot for the same cases in Axure 8 and Axure 9.
My wish would be that until the final version the design of the interaction panel would be compressed a little bit again.


I really really like the negative area. I don’t see your point as you can move the canvas anyway. What do you do when the canvas is at 5762,4321? I would say a shortcut to go to 0,0 (it could also be -20, -20 so you could immediately see the screen top and left borders) would be handy -
What I really miss here are scrollbars.

The “shortcut” (not a key) is already there, the icon in the upper left corner of the Ruler…
But it’s annoying if you have to click this mini icon every time you get into the negative area while scrolling. Unfortunately this happens quite often, because the hurdle is very small. And the negative area is rarely used, so it would be good if you could switch it off and on.

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+++ for that. New interaction panel is realy huge. If there are a lot of interactions it becomes hard to navigate, edit, delete etc etc.


I appreciate that Ax is trying to clean up the design and create a more readable experience for interactions. But honestly this new design for actions falls far short of the existing approach. This vertical approach is just a lot more complicated to use and interact with. :unamused:


I have been working more intensively with the new Interaction Panel today and I have to admit that once you get used to it, you can usually work faster than before.
Only - as I said - I would like a more compact interface.


Ok I’ll take your word for it and give it the benefit of the doubt and see if I find it better by diving deeper into it.

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Oh dear, what I’ve written… :grin:

What I really miss here are scrollbars…

Scrollbars on canvas are disabled by default, although you can enable them in Preferences. Tab Canvas and uncheck Hide Canvas Scrollbars.

BR Karel


[quote]Scrollbars on canvas are disabled by default, although you can enable them in Preferences. Tab Canvas and uncheck Hide Canvas Scrollbars.[/quote]Thanks for the hint. On Windows they look like Mac scrollbars though which looks totally weired in a Windows environment. The default is also more than questionable.

THANK YOU. So this is the replacement for Format Painter… I was missing the format painter a LOT.

There’s no other way to say it:
Many changes in the new UI are great (Overall Design, Dynamic Panels, favorite Colors, images folder etc…) but some are completely incomprehensible and mean a deterioration of usability.

There has been a lot of scolding about the Interaction Panel, I don’t want to repeat that now (others do that :slight_smile: ) I’m sure that the Axure team is already discussing possible changes.
Other adjustments can be discussed, for example the placement of the interaction styles or a dark mode.

But what I don’t understand, for example, is why the Color Picker was reduced so much in the number of colors. How practical it was to quickly select something suitable from the multitude of gray tones. Now I have to open the color palette and find something suitable. And you use the Color Picker all the time.
Or that some select boxes - for example for line spacing - are no longer available.
Or that you are constantly scrolling into the negative area and losing focus, which is annoying and makes working more difficult.

Of course I hope that one or the other will be corrected in the final version.

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Hi fishmi222,

Thanks for all the feedback about the Axure RP 9 Beta! I’ve shared this post with our designated teams for review.

I did want to mention a couple of things, though:

  • From your experience with the 9 color picker, what may help is to add your commonly-used colors to the “Favorites” section. Here’s a screenshot to demonstrate this:

Does that help a bit?

  • Could you let me know which select boxes you were able to edit for line spacing in Axure RP 8 that you aren’t able to in the 9 Beta?

  • I’ve filed a request on your behalf to disable negative regions, but what may help in the meantime is to click on the coordinates indicator at the top-left corner of the rulers, or to use the [Cmd]/[Ctrl] + [9] hotkey to go back to (0,0).