Missed Features from V8 and some improvements


I really do love this Favorites section since we have a defined color palette that we’re required to use. This is hugely helpful.


I also really need the gray color pickers. I don’t use Axure for visual design purpose, so I always use grayscale to differentiate the importance of an object and title.

And there is one more big missing feature. Sketchiness settings were on every page and project property at Axure 8, but it’s gone at Axure 9. Is it gone forever? Axure was a very unique tool which can switch between low-level sketch to high-level wireframe.


Thank you so much for the feedback.

As I’ve already written, I also like the favorites for the colors and I’m already using them intensively. That’s definitely helpful.
But it can only partially replace the previous palette. The old palette was simply extremely practical. But if that’s no longer possible, I’ll use the old palette to build my favorites as a workaround.

And please excuse me for the criticism of the selectboxes. It’s actually just the line spacing that’s missing in Axure 9. As already written in another topic, I would also like to see these select boxes for other selection fields. It simply goes much faster: With Axure I rarely use the keyboard and every function I can use with the mouse is helpful. Is then also rather a feature request for the future and for the beta not relevant at first.

The GoBack function is certainly helpful, but it doesn’t solve the problem, it’s just a tool to get back to the original state (and one more unnecessary click, the icon for this function isn’t really huge and I don’t use keyboard shortcuts, see above).
The problem is that you often scroll while working and because the hurdle to scroll into the negative area is extremely low, you get into these areas again and again and lose the focus on the content quickly. At the end of the page, this hardly ever happens.
Maybe this is an individual problem of mine.
Nevertheless, it would be great if you could turn it off. You don’t need the negative area that often.

Thanks for your patience, many points are repeated several times in other topics. It makes itself also nobody the trouble times to look whether that was not perhaps already called.


Completely agree! What would be awesome is if it only enabled if content was in the negative space. That way you automatically scroll to the top easily most of the time and be able to scroll up farther only when you need to.

Or, perhaps makes this an option for negative space : dynamically show, always hide, or always show. Goes in line with the goal of making the workspace more customizable.


Some other interactions that are small, but were very useful:

  • being able to automatically type into a box without having to double click it to enter text mode
  • the shape type selector


Hi jpumpr!

To automatically type into a widget in the 9 beta, please see this post:

That is, you could either press [enter] to begin typing, or go to “Axure RP 9 Beta > Preferences > Canvas” to disable single-key shortcuts.

As for changing the shape of a widget, you can right-click on the shape to select “Select Shape”:


I agree. The UI is much worse for writing interactive components and true prototyping. Lots of more clicking to get what I need. Lots more scrolling.

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Hi everyone,

Thank you very much for all of the feedback since the release of the beta and now! Per our new forum policy we’re redirecting all feedback and feature requests over our support email at support@axure.com to clear up the forums for Q&A posts, as well as to help ensure that we receive and process all incoming feedback and requests and get them filed with the appropriate team. Since the beta’s release, some changes that help to address a few of the presented concerns in this thread have been released; the original interactions pane was given a condensed view, and upon further feedback was replaced with the new interaction editor (similar to version 8’s case editor), which gives more flexibility, visibility, and space for those looking to build more complex interactions. Hopefully those changes help, but we’re happy to receive your continued feedback and requests via email at support@axure.com. Thank you! :slight_smile: