MouseOver - Not triggering inside repeater


Hi folks,

I believe I’ve found a bug whereby when a Master which contains a repeater is added to a page, and the Master is a layer under a repeater in the page, the MouseOver event doesn’t seem to trigger properly.

I’ve added a file that demonstrates this challenge. Mouse over not triggering inside repeater.rp (55.0 KB). There are two pages that are exactly the same, except for the layer each component resides, and the names of the pages are different to help illustrate the challenge.

Here’s the public Axshare link:

Is this a bug? Or, have I misunderstood something about how Axure functions?


Based on your description, you likely misunderstand how Axure works. I’ll take a look at your file to see if I can recommend a fix, but I don’t think this has anything to do with repeaters or masters… Any time you have widget A behind widget B then B will block interactions on A.


Any time you have widget A behind widget B then B will block interactions on A.

I get your point, however:

  1. given the widgets don’t overlap, what would cause the blocking?
  2. given the widget that ought to respond to the MouseOver is larger than the other widget, even if they did overlap, the MouseOver event ought to trigger when the mouse is over a section of the widget that doesn’t overlap. Regardless of where the mouse is positioned, the MouseOver event doesn’t seem to trigger. This suggests to me either somehow the widget boundaries are spanning further than what’s shown, or it’s a different issue…



There is something weird with your repeaters, especially the Master repeater. It doesn’t have any content or behavior (so no functional purpose in a prototype.) Perhaps Axure or the HTML rendering in the browser is treating it as “infinite” size–or at least same dimensions as the viewport–so it really is overlapping. If you think you have a real need for this, or want to find out more about the mechanics of Axure, send an email to with your file(s) attached. They may be able to shed more light on this. …Although I might expect they would not really support content-less repeaters, because what is the point?

In my updated example file below, you can see that when a proper repeater widget partially overlaps another, the overlapped areas block, whereas non-overlapping areas do not block interactions. Furthermore, the entire repeater area blocks, not just those portions with widgets.

Mouse over not triggering inside repeater.rp (101.9 KB)


I appreciate this example does seem unusual, because there’d be little/no point in a content-less repeater.

To provide some context as to why it’s like that, I removed everything possible from the Axure file while trying to pinpoint the specific issue. For example, if there was a dynamic panel in the repeater, then that means the issue could be due to the dynamic panel, or it could be the repeater.

Given the repeater is empty, it suggests the issue is less likely to be due to anything within the repeater (because it’s empty…).

I’ll fire an email across to Thanks!