Moving widgets in 10px intervals with ctrl + arrow keys, does not work anymore

In older versions it used to be a feature where you could move widgets 10 px at the time by holding ctrl down while using arrow keys. Only time it works is when having just one single widget on the canvas.
I’ve tried to deselect all the snap to choices, but still it does not work. Please advise.

It was never Ctrl, it was always Shift - which still works in RP 9

Have I forgotten which combination to use? Okay, but now I’ve tried with Shift + arrow keys, and I’m actually getting the exact same result as with Ctrl. It still won’t move the expected 10 px. Instead, it moves the widget 1 px, 5 px … Sometimes it works, often it does not, and it’s totally unpredictable. I’ve made a short video to demonstrate the problem. Unfortunately, mp4 files are not allowed in here. So, I’ll send it to support instead. But thanks anyway, @MattRoberts, for the reminder.

Ah OK, then it’s the settings I have.

I have Snap to grid on (and the default 10px grid), as well as Snap to Widgets off. If Snap to Widgets is on, it will snap to any Widget’s boundary, regardless of whether it’s on a 10px grid line or not

That was my first thought. But I’ve tried all combinations of snapping on/off, but the problem is the same regardless.

Does anyone know if there is a way to change this increment? I work in levels of 4/16 and would love to have my shift increment be 4px and non-shift increment be 1px… this was probably the ONLY thing i liked about sketch and other apps let you change this… i hope this is something we can change now or in the future :slight_smile:

Looking for the answer to this to. I’d love to change it to 8px increments

Figured it out.

Go to Preferences > Grid > Spacing… set to whatever increment you like and then your Shift+Arrow keys will move things at that rate. Be careful though, if you have Snap to Grid enabled, it will stop short of your increment if the grid lines interrupt it.