Multi filter repeater with radiobutton inside a repeater or groups(categories) of radio buttons

Hi all again,

I created this topic a new topic and not answer to my first one as mybe can be helpfull to others if I find the answer.

So as advice by josephxbrick I created a facefilter using checkboxes on load page to filter items on my repeater (lets call it repeater1), now I want to create a second filter (if is possible using facefilter) by using elements on a second repeater (lets call this one filterrepeater). I want final user can just pickup one option, but I want to display all options (so not using a droplist).
(I would like to allow final user to add more skills in a future and the growing list keep and working as a filter.)

if is not possible, is any option to create two radio buttons groups? so final user can pick up one option in one group, one option in another group, an more thant one option in another group (that I have already working with face filters) without removing other filters?

In another words:
first filter: many to many
second: one to many
third: one to many


So it sounds like you want one facet filter that is made of checkboxes, where you can choose many values at once, and you want two other facet filters that are made of radio buttons, so you can choose just value at a time. Is this correct?

You also mention that you want the the radio button facets to be created using a repeater. So, for example, if you wanted the movie ratings G, PG, and R, you would have three rows in that repeater, and the radio button’s label would be set using a repeater column. Is this correct?

Do you also want the checkboxes to be created using a repeater? Because that would be easy to do as well.

Let me know if that’s what you want. In the meantime, I’ll put the above together.

Yes, that’s correct! if is possible to do that in the prototype would be amazing and could safe so much time


Here is the example. (I modified an existing example I had already.) There are two pages, the first with all checkboxes facets constructed from repeaters, and the second also using radio buttons facets constructed using repeaters. Both use the same method, which is the second method I referenced in my original response.

The nice thing is that if you want to add another facet value (say, “PG-13” to the ratings facet), you just add another row to that facet’s repeater.

facetfilters_using_repeaters.rp (152.3 KB)

[Edit] You’ll notice that the data set in the movies repeater isn’t large enough for radio button facets to be very useful. Adding more rows to the table would fix that.

Also, if you want to start out with the first radio button selected, your Item Loaded event of that radio-button repeater would look like this, for the ratings repeater

On Item Loaded (of rating repeater)
  If True
    Set text on row_radioButton to [[Item.rating]]
  If (value) [[Item.isFirst]] equals true
    Set selected of row_radioButton to true

Be sure the second condition is IF and not ELSE IF. You can right-click it to toggle it.

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that is what I mean! amazing, thanks!

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