Multiple "Bring to front" actions (in accordion)

Hi, I have a problem with floating button (which is simply realised as dynamic panel in my prototype). It has an icon and I want this icon to be visible on the page where I have accordion. I have used accordion from Sample UI Patterns library.

The thing is that when I add floating button (which is master) and place it at the very top of outline, it’s fine and I see this floating button at the top (above all the other elements). But not with accordion.

Accordion interactions use their own “Bring to front”. So I though about extending that interaction to have another one that has “Bring to front” but on the master (floating button). But it doesn’t seem to work. (I have used the method described here in Bring Dynamic Panels to Front).

Moreover, I couldn’t see the way to rearrange these two actions (both that bring to front other elements) so it made me wondering - maybe Axure has some custom logic that relates to which action happens first, and which later? Thanks!