Multiple drop down lists filtered in repeater

Hi all,
I have set up a repeater where one can filter 2 different ways, using drop downs for each category of filtering.
I set it up so that each drop down works individually, but when you try to apply filters from both drop downs at the same time, it doesn’t work. Is there a quick way to get both to work simultaneously? Can you have 2 filters running at the same time?
Here is a link to the page:
Here’s the working fileMaster-Program-Nav.rp (14.6 MB)

Hi @astaffa,

you can expand your filter-rule with an ‘&&’-operator. That way you can define your rule to meet the two filters of the droplist. The easiest way is to work with variables that will contain the chosen value of the droplist. If you work with variables, make sure the value of the droplist has the same spelling as the value in your repeater table.
Your edited file: Master-Program-Nav.rp (14.6 MB)

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Another way to do this is using the “facet filters” method described here. That example uses checkboxes, but the method is even simpler with dropdowns like you have. (You could use checkmarks if you wanted to give the ability to show, say, all Transfers and Certificates for both Business and Medical.)

The advantage is that you don’t need any IF/Then/Else logic. You basically set up two filters when the page loads, making sure both filters are active at the same time. (I.e., don’t check “remove other filters” when you set up the second filter.)

The two filters look like this. You can add them OnLoad (not OnItemLoad) of the repeater.

[[LVAR_dropdown1 == “All” || LVAR_dropdown1 == Item.area_of_study]]

[[LVAR_dropdown2 == “All” || LVAR_dropdown2 == Item.program_type]]

When the filters are combined, they winnow down each other. Note that both filters return true for every row if the value is “All,” so you don’t need any logic in your dropdown code to test for that. (The “||” means OR.) If you needed a third dropdown, you’d just add third filter for it.

Then, just force those filters to re-evaluate when you change the selection on the dropdowns. Here is the code for each dropdown.

   Set Items per Page of (repeater) to Unlimited

Attached: facet-filters-with-dropdowns.rp (14.6 MB)

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These are both great suggestions. Gonna play around. Also , i’m just amazed at the axure community. Such quick and helpful responses. Thank you both!!!