NEED YOUR HELP. Axure video tutorial feedback

Hi guys,
I have been creating a series of tutorials for beginners on meaningfully using Axure and I have a video I would like you to review and give feedback on. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

This tutorial is on embedding video into prototypes.

Very nice production, looks great. Your instructions are good, succinct, and easy to follow. But, it takes a long time to get to it. Seems like there’s 3 minutes of video with only about 30 seconds of instructional content that’s directly applicable to “how to embed a video”. The bumper stuff at beginning and end are good for your branding I guess–but will anyone actually care? It could be quite a bit tighter in my opinion to achieve same experience with less risk of losing viewers.

  • Over a minute to get to the instructional content that has to do with Axure.
  • About two minutes to get to any instructions about actually embedding a video, which is the whole purpose for your tutorial, right? I think you could have the all the other page elements already on the stage and start with dragging in your inline frame.

Would like at least 720p so I can view it large enough to see the details of what you are doing in Axure editor without it being fuzzy.

The preview image option of “video” for the inline frame is nice but doesn’t have to be done since it never gets shown in your prototype. I think this would be shown in the HTML if you set the frame target dynamically, after page load. I guess it could be useful in the editor to make it easier to find and more obvious of its purpose if there are multiple authors or if you come back to it much later. Anyway, you could maybe push this to the end and mention it as an optional step.

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Hi there, looks great! Do you know it it’s possible to add/watch/preview local/offline videos? Check out my forum here: Adding a local (video)file in Axure: possible?.

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Thank you so much for the feedback!! Love it.

I support @mbc66’s feedback.

One approach might be to setup the problem/situation first (e.g., “such-and-so company wants a web page with a video that plays on arrival”) and briefly introduce your layout (logo here, navigation here, etc., etc.). Then go through the steps of whatever topic/technique you want to teach.

Leave the “big reveal” of everything nicely put together until the end.

On a side-note: A possible follow-up video for this one could be how to handle resizing widgets/responsive design in Axure. It’s often a common question when it comes to displaying video content.