New outline behaviour is very counterintuitive

I’ve just updated to the latest version of Axure RP9 (3699) and there is what appears to be new behaviour in the widget outline view - if you click on anything, it scrolls that item to the top of the pane instantly.

This is really, really annoying when you’re trying to work through a complex outline with many nested widgets, dynamic panels etc and requires constant repositioning of the cursor. It’s also really confusing until you figure out what’s happening.

Is this a deliberate change, or a bug? Either way it is not great. @Alyssa_Axure is there any chance this can be reverted?

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Hi Dave,

Hmm no this isn’t an intended change; I’ve checked with our team and no changes to the Outline pane were committed for build 3699 or 3698. To confirm, what build were you on before updating to 3699?

If you’re able to capture a video of the behavior and the steps, as well as let us know whether you’re on Mac or Windows, then that would help to track what caused the change. Thank you!

Bizarrely, after a restart, I’m now unable to replicate the issue, either in the file I was experiencing issues with yesterday, or in a new demo file.

I upgraded from 3698 to 3699 on Mac, Catalina 10.15.4.

If it occurs again, I will make a video and email it to you.

How odd that it went away! I’m glad it’s not currently happening for you so that you can work normally. We’ll keep an ear out for if you run into it again. If you happen to notice anything like errors or perhaps certain conditions like popping the panes in and out for the issue to happen again, then those tips would be useful!

Will do. Intermittent, hard to replicate bugs are the worst.