Newbie, can't get show/hide widgets to work on preview

Hi there.
I’m trying to set an image button I have set to hidden, to show itself and an overlay that is also hidden (another png image) by using the OnClick interaction, and using Show/Hide. When I run the preview in Chrome, nothing happens when I click on where the button is. Is it because it’s hidden? Should I make an additional box and use THAT as a button to show the image button instead along with the overlay image?



I’m not quite sure what you are trying to achieve, but when a button is hidden, it won’t receive an OnClick event. You could instead set its opacity to 0 (to hide it) and 100 (to show it). I button with 0 opacity will receive the OnClick command.

Thanks. I took care of it with an additional shape which unhides the button :slight_smile: