Notes is doesn't work

The fist step: preview ‘Page 1’
The second step: click ‘New WIndow/Tab Link’ to open ‘Page 2’

The problem is , notes on page 2 are doesn’t work. i can’t open the notes.

Untitled.rp (49.1 KB)

help help help !!! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

It looks like the notes aren’t opening on Page 2 because your link opened the page without the prototype player when it opened it in a new tab. From testing, it looks like if you view the prototype without the prototype player then clicking the note icon will not work. This same scenario seems to still work in Axure RP 8 so I’ll go ahead and file a report for this for further internal investigation.

In the meantime, opening the link in “Current Window” should open it within the existing prototype player and allow those notes to work. If you need to open the link in a new tab with the prototype player open, then you can use the “Link to external URL” option to link to your URL.

Hopefully that helps. For future issues if they’re urgent, please email to reach the support team directly. Thanks!

Thanks you very much!

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