onResize not working with repeater

I have this repeater that changes on button click. But this has a widget at the bottom of each row that moves based on the height of a text box in the repeater. I got it to work on page load but when the repeater changes in doesn’t work. Anybody up for a challenge thanks in advance for your help.

I’ve tried onResize on the repeater and tried it on a Dynamic Panel containing the repeater and it doesn’t seem to work.

I am using Axure 9 RP BETA.

filex1.rp (8.9 MB)

I think the OnItemResize function is broken in the Beta. Please confirm this?

Hi Joseph!

I’ve taken a look through your RP file, and it looks like the issue may be that the OnItemLoad’s Set Size action is not updating correctly as the repeater’s “tile_background widget” widget resizes. The OnItemLoad behavior for this widget is unexpected, so I will be filing a bug report regarding this issue.

In the meantime, I found that changing this OnItemLoad Set Size action to an OnLoad action instead seems to allow for the sizes to change correctly as the filters are applied, and as the repeater’s widget’s resize. The repeater’s widget sets to the correct size as the repeater loads onto the page for the first time, and then the widget is able to set to the correct size as the OnItemResize and OnClick interactions occur.

Here’s an edited version of your file for you to take a look at as well. filex1_edited.rp (8.9 MB)

Hopefully this helps!

Thanks for taking a look at my file. It looks like you are experiencing the same issue that I was having. I can get it to adjust the height of the text box onLoad but can’t do it when the repeater is filtered onClick. I previewed your revisions and I am still seeing the text getting cut off in the repeater as it resizes when the filter is applied with the on click function. Is it possible to set the size of the text box in a repeater based on a value in the table and have it keep the same height as filters are applied to the repeater?

Hi Joseph,

Thanks so much for giving the edited file a try! It looks like the preview of your project might be appearing a little differently in your web browser than it does in my web browser. Here’s what this filtered view looks like for me on Google Chrome:

Could you please let me know which browser you are using? You may also want to confirm that your browser is up-to-date.

In regards to using a repeater value to set the height of a widget in the repeater, you definitely can! The only issue with this currently appears to be the bug with the OnItemLoad and the text area widget in particular. One other possible way to work around this issue could be to use a dynamic panel with vertical scrolling, rather than a text area widget, but I would recommend checking in on your web browser first.

Thanks for the response. I am actually I am trying to get it so the scroll bar doesn’t show and set the text box height in the repeater dynamically

OnLoad sets the height of the textbox and the background but when filters are applied that is when it goes back to the original size. Do you know what I mean?

Hi Joseph,

Thanks so much for the clarification! Unfortunately, after some further testing, I found another bug that you may be encountering.

There is a known issue that we have on file where repeater items will revert to the standard repeater’s height and width state when it is filtered. This means that when a filter is applied, the height of the repeater item’s widgets revert back to their starting states; the tile_background widget, for example, reverts to a height of 225 pixels. Our teams are currently investigating this issue, and I’ll be adding a note to the report filed for this issue regarding your experiences.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that you should be able to work around this issue by changing the text area to a rectangle widget, and by converting the tile_background rectangle into a series of dynamic panel states. Naming these states to match the “item.bkgdHeight” values found in the repeater makes it so that the panel states can be changed to match those values OnItemLoad. I’m sending an edited version of your file where these changes have been made. Please note that I have not modified the Move interactions for the rectangle or buttons at the bottom of the repeater item yet, and you may have to alter those to move depending on the various dynamic panel states.

Hopefully this helps!

filex1_dp_tilebg.rp (8.9 MB)