Opening Multiple Projects, Libraries (or One of Each) in Windows OS

Hi, wondering if it’s possible to have two project or library files open at the same time on Windows OS. Everytime I open a file it replaces the project that’s currently open. I believe this functionality exists for OSX. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something simple if it is possible on Windows.

I searched for this topic but everything I found was archived and unavailable. Any help is appreciated.


Hi! Yes, you can open multiple files simultaneously on Windows. One way to do it is to right-click the Axure RP icon in the taskbar and choose one of the projects from the “Recents” list to open. Another way to do it would be to find the file you want to open in the File Explorer, right-click it, and choose “Open With > Axure RP 9”. Both of those methods should open the file in a new instance without forcing you to close the previous one.

Hopefully that helps!

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