Opening up a user profile pop up rectangle in a dynamic panel with a draggable map

Hey everyone! I have an issue with the described topic.
I have created 3 states of a map so that you can press a button and “zoom into an image”, and in each of those states I have 5 circles that symbolize the location of users. I grouped these circles with the image of the map in each of these states, and applied a “dragged” interaction so that I can move the map with its users.
Here is where my problem is: I want that when I press one of the circles, a rectangle with the user’s details will appear in the middle of the page. I created dynamic panels from the user’s circle, but the problem is that the resulting rectangle moves together with the map, when and if I drag it. I tried a fiew things but it doesn’t seem to work. How can make it so that when I press any of the user circles on the map, a pop up rectangle will appear in the middle of the page and be fixed (so unable to move if I try to drag it).
The reason it does this now it’s because it is part of the group that I applied the “dragged interaction” to. If I don’t make it part of that, then I am not able to syncronise the click with the moving location of the user circles if I drag the map.

Here is how it works:
If you drag the map after pressing the user location, you will see…

Can I go around this? Thank you!

Try “pin to browser”

I tried now but it doesn’t seem to work. I put the user icon in a dynamic panel, with it’s second state the pop-up screen. Then I turned this second state into a DP and pinned it to the browser. I put the interaction so that when I press the user icon, this appears, however it doesn’t work… I think I am doing it wrong but I don’t know how… (I am sort of new to Axure)