Page Loaded can not resize the height of dynamic panel to adjust the height of window

You can see the picture above. I have set Page Loaded to resize the height of the dynamic panel to the height of the window. But it did not work. Is this a bug?

If you can attach your .rp file it will help others here help you easier and faster.

Not clear what your expectations are… how should the page look? Should the “left div outer” widget be positioned at the top of the page/window, or is it pinned to the bottom? …Maybe try setting the anchor point for the Set Size action to the bottom-left instead of top-left?

test.rp (48.8 KB)
Thank you for your help @mbc66
Please download the test.RP above. I want to set the DP div1 to equal to the height of windows when the page loaded. And I have set the page loaded event. But I find that it doesn’t work to the DP div1. So could you help me to correct this? Many thanks.

Thanks for the .rp file. I can see the issue now… So, it turns out the “div1” dynamic panel actually does get sized to the widow height, but you never change the size of the contents in it, and the dynamic panel has a default transparent fill, so you just can’t see that it has been resized.

To demonstrate this, I set the fill for div1 to yellow and made no other changes to Page 1. Have a look:
test.rp (73.4 KB)

So, if you treat div1 the same as you did for div3 it works fine. See Page 2 for this fix. Also see Page 3 for another solution, hinted at by my test on Page 1: The div1 dynamic panel has no rectangle in it, just a fill of #d7d7d7 (made in the STYLE panel.) Just another way to do get the same result and a little lighter weight. Note that on Page 3 I turned off “Fit to Content” for div1 because nothing is in it, then used the shorthand, [[Target.width]] --where “Target” is the widget being acted upon in the Set Size action, as a way to say “keep the target’s width” without having to know what that width is.

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Thank you very much @mbc66

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