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I’ve created a a repeater where I can add people through input fields and a button. However, I want the data I have entered to appear again on a review and submit page. I’ve looked everywhere for help on this topic, but can’t find a solution.

I think for each row I create I need to store this information in a Global variable (I don’t know how) and then call this information on the review and submit page to populate the data table so that it displays.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.Review and Submit.rp (70.4 KB)


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Hi Ross -

You’d be better off faking going to another page rather than actually going to one, as it’s not possible to transfer all values in a repeater from one page to another in any reasonable way.

You could use states of a dynamic panel as pages, while placing the repeater on top of the dynamic panel so it doesn’t disappear from view when you change states.


The problem I have though is the add people step will sit within another 10 steps (within a wizard). All ten steps would need to display on the review and submit page.

Sorry, but work prevents me from uploading the file I’m working on.

Sounds like there isn’t much I can do.


Hi -
If I’m understanding correctly (and after looking at the demo file you provided), it seems the missing piece is adding an “OnPageLoad” interaction for the “Review and Submit” page…which “Adds a Row” with the appropriate variables.

I updated the file since it should make more since if you see it.
Anyways, hope it helps.

Review and Submit-UPDATEDv1.rp (71.5 KB)


You can store your repeater values in a global variable and then onload of each page, populate a repeater on that page with the values. Here’s an example showing that:
repeater_across_pages.rp (65.7 KB)

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To my way of thinking, that is all the more reason to employ an approach of a single page with dynamic panel, as josephxbrick recommends. Just think of each state in your dp as its own page (or wizard step) Your “steps” or data from each step could progressively show up as user steps through the wizard. Each state in your dp would just have increasingly more information (or perhaps only the last step would show all this information. Alternatively, you could have 10 dp’s, one for each step. The point is, all data entered by the user would still be available as long as you are still on the same web page. Otherwise, you would end up having to pass a lot of data from page to page. If it is all text-based data (not images) then you can do this, but it will be limited and possibly less reliable.Consider the similarities of your repeaters/data and think about the minimum amount of data you could place in global variables and still have the experience reasonable.

Here is a recent thread I replied to with a “separate page and global variables” approach that could work for you. The basic idea is to create identical repeaters on each page you need them, in global variable(s) pass row identifiers (a number, char or brief alphanumeric that points to a specific row.) and the appropriate rows can be shown by removing their filters. If you have dynamic text entered on one page that you want to pass to another page that could be appended to a global variable.


Thank-you to those that replied. This has given me enough information to continue with the prototype.


That is a good solution, however, it only copies that latest value that gets loaded into the variable. What if you want to copy multiple rows from page 1 to page 2?


It worked in Version 7 when I made it.


Can you please share the .rp file by any chance?