Passing external user ID as variable in URL, into Axure and back out for varification

Hi there,
I want to test a simple dummy with users, to see if they know how to navigate my site and if they finde what they are looking for. For the test, I need to identify users, based on an ID. The ID is handed over by a third party like this:!pi**[state]** state is the ID.

After completing the prototype I have to send the user back to the third party agency including his ID so he can be identified and paid for participating in the test. The like should look like this XXXX is the ID I have to pass over.

So my question is. How can I fetch that ID stick it to the user during the test in the prototype and then pass it on to the third party agency for verification?

I was thinking of using global variables but I am stuck with my knowledge and need help on how to do it.

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Although, I’ve never been able to get anything like that to work. Also, there are security issues which result in browser differences, settings, plugins, firewall and AV programs which can block attempts to access the current or previous page URL.

It might be better to just ask the participants to manually enter an ID in your prototype, like on a landing page. When your tasks are finished, you could have a “jumpoff” page in your prototype which generates and shows them a code they can then enter or provide to the third party site for verification of completion and payment. Or, if you have a limited set of users and can get the third party to assign specific IDs (or share that set of IDs with you) you could create unique landing pages, one per user, so the URLs to your prototype might look something like, and etc.