Pasting text into input fields in preview



I,m trying to set up a prototype which has an Input field and a button to save the Input to a global variable and open up the next page.
I also want the user to be able to paste text into the Input field.
When I start the preview and paste in some text e.g. 1234 the text appears in light Grey and when I click the button the next page opens up, but the pasted text isn,t stored in the variable.
It works fine if I type in one letter/number and then paste or if I just type in text.
Did someone have the same Problem?



I couldn’t duplicate this. I suspected it had something to do with having hint text in the field, but even then it works. Can you post a repro case? If the file is under NDA, you can reduce it to that single page and remove/disguise all IP-revealing content.


Thanks for your help, I made two pages. If you write something in the text field and click the button, the text should be stored in a variable and page two should open. page two Displays the variable on load. If I type in e.g 123 it works, but if I paste in some text it doesn’t work and the variable is blank.Textfield.rp (50.3 KB)


I’m using Internet Explorer as a browser, but it also doesn’t work on the axure Cloud app on Ios



I’m on a Mac, so I can’t try IE. It worked fine in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. You should report this along with which version of IE to


I will, thanks for your help.