Preloader dinamic svg

I want to make button stage “loading” with a spinner on in.
Is there a way to paste css in a axure?

Out-of-the-box, native Axure doesn’t support custom CSS. You could do it with JavaScript injection, but it would most likely be easier to just copy/paste a .gif into Axure.

Here’s an example if you want to give it a shot: CSS_Spinner.rp (272.9 KB)

You’ll have to modify the CSS to work with Axure’s generated elements. You can’t (easily) assign CSS classes to Axure widgets so you’ll have to inspect the generated HTML and find the id’s of the elements you want to modify. (That’s what the “#u2” is in the example code.)

If you want to learn more about JavaScript injection, this is a great place to start:

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