Prevent vertical page scrolling and hide navigations bar on mobile

I can’t find the “Prevent vertical page scrolling” option in the 9 Beta. I’d like to:

  • open a prototype link with a browser
  • “Add to home” to create the icon on the desktop of the smartphone.
  • Opening the link, I would like to load the prototype without the browser topBar, to simulate a mobile application.
    Is this possibile in the 9Beta?

Hi filippo.valente!

To start, the “Prevent vertical page scrolling (blocks elastic scrolling)” option has been removed in the 9 beta.

Second, you can certainly do this:

  1. Publish the file to Axure Share (“Publish > Publish to Axure Share”).
  2. Browse to the Axure Share URL in your mobile browser.
  3. Open up the browser settings and select “Add to Home Screen”. On iOS, this option is available in Safari by clicking on the icon at the bottom (square with an up arrow) and selecting the “Add to Home Screen” option.

An optional step is to download the Axure Share mobile app and viewing the prototype through there. Either option will load the prototype without the browser’s address bar.

Why has the Prevent vertical page scrolling feature been removed?

Hi crouman,

With Axure RP 9, you change the size of the canvas to match the viewport dimensions of your target device. You can also change viewing settings for mobile devices using the prototype player. This can make it so that your prototype’s canvas matches the viewport dimensions of your target device, and so that you can view your design using the “View at 100%”, “Scale to Width”, and “Scale to Fit” prototype player options.

Ok. So, I must be doing something wrong because elastic scrolling still occurs even though my height and width are set to the dims of my test device. I don’t see how this would prevent elastic scrolling anyway. In RP8, this is not an issue because I’m able to explicitly select it. So, still unclear why this option was removed as it seems that what you’re proposing does not really mimic that behavior. I hope I’m just missing something obvious.

But there seems to be other options that don’t seem to available in 9 such as home screen icon.

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I’m having the same issue. This is quite annoying. Hope to see this to be fixed.


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Yea, it is not good when things start to missing on new versions. I need to upload Home Screen Icon and Splash Screen, but these are not available on Axure 9 Beta. Please bring them back. Thanks!

iOS mobile still uses elastic scrolling, none of the options mentioned above prevent this.

This makes drag and drop virtually unusable on mobile.

MouseDown and MouseUp show inconsistent behaviour between using the actual mouse and touch (press, release). (Conditions dont seem to trigger).

Furthermore there seems to be no option to create an ‘icon’ anymore, or splash screen, or to configure the display of the top bar (where time, power and connection ar edisplayed).

These seem a strange oversights for Axure 9 considering the importance of mobile in 2019 and will hopefully be brought back asap.

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Bumping this issues. Is this causing trouble again and again. It’s a bit unpredictable. Prototypes have the elastic scroll on iPhone X/XS devices, but not on XR devices. Very strange.

This is really limiting the usability of Axure as a prototyping tool for apps and mobile websites. Please please please fix this.