Preview doesnt work for any page that hasn't been published

I have a LONG list of sketches and versions for my website, and I always publish only the last one for my clients.
When I want to view one of the previous versions and click PREVIEW in the app, I just get a blank screen titled “untitled”, and nothing happens. It rarely works after restarting the app, but in most times, it doesn’t at all. It will only work if I published them to an external link, and then suddenly the preview works again.
That’s super SUPER annoying, it drivers me crazy.
Any fixes?


I am having the same issue now, not sure exactly when it started occurring, so I’m unsure if it’s due to a version issue, corrupt project file, or other cause.
To summarize…

Publish > Preview:

Publish > Publish to Axure Cloud…

Hi josh_db!

Are you still experiencing this behavior? If this is still persisting, a good first step may be to check on your browser’s Console for information on any errors that may be occurring when viewing your local preview. Opening your browser’s web developer tools and navigating to the “Console” tab should display this information. If you see any errors, please feel free to take a screenshot and send these along for review. If you would prefer to share this screenshot privately, please email us at so that we can investigate further through that channel instead. Thank you!

Yes I am still experiencing this error.

There aren’t any console errors or warnings just a couple info lines that state:

messagecenter.js:296 dispatched to http://[ip_address]/start.html#id=[the_id]&p=home
dispatched to http://[ip_address]/start.html#id=[the_id]&p=home&g=1

[ip_address] and [the_id] represent redacted information.

on the HTML page under iframe / #document / html / body I found the following invisible elements:

This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.




…and… didn’t send any data.


Is there a way to turn on the Axure Console for Publish to Axure Cloud…? Not having it is causing issues when debugging my logic because I cannot use the Axure Console to track variables.

Is a fix planned in a future release?

So a more recent thread was published and the issue is with Antivirus software (especially Kaspersky).

Basically you need to add your local IP address as an exception in your Antivirus software.

What worked for me in Kaspersky on Windows 10:

  1. Settings > Additional > Threats and Exclusions > Specify trusted applications > [locate the Axure ‘.exe’ file in Program Files (x86)]
  2. Do not scan all traffic > Only for specified IP addresses: [your local IP address] (I haven’t tested all possible combinations of settings, so it’s possible that many of them are optional)

Not sure why but if the Kaspersky fix stops working, restart Kaspersky and it should work again.