Preview no longer working

Hi, within in the last 24 hours the local preview functionality has stopped working. I’m running on Windows 10, and don’t recall making any other system changes (although it’s a corporate machine, so I can’t guarantee something hasn’t updated behind the scenes). When I click preview to launch Chrome, the left hand nav loads fine, but the actual page is replaced with a little grey sad face and the message “ didn’t send any data”.

Have tried reinstalling over the top, and a complete uninstall/reinstall and it’s made no difference. Have tried other browsers and they don’t work either. Does anyone have any suggestions? My next idea was to upgrade to 9, but then I’ll force the rest of my team to upgrade to, so that’s the last option really. Preview working for other users on the similar machines/versions, etc

@AndyWestley since it’s a corporate machine, i’m thinking maybe the port 32767 is blocked / taken by company policy, but axure relies on this port to render the preview

Yes, I wondered that, but as far as I can make out, using netstat and task manager, Axure has grabbed the port and should be OK.

Digging a bit deeper on this. Corporate machine so anti-virus setting not easily accessible. But it is possible that the preview server is running (hence the ports listing), but Kaspersky could be configured to block them. Does anyone know what range of ports previews could be requested on - I’ve seen 32767 and 32768. I’m pretty certain if our IT team are going to change the setting they will only open specific/range of ports.

As far as specific ports I usually see 32767 on my end. For preview issues (especially ones that appear suddenly) usually either a change in proxy/security settings triggers the issue. To start, you’ll want your IT team to verify whether anything changed recently that would block Axure RP’s ability to generate a preview on the localhost at If that seems all clear, then another thing to check would be that your antivirus tools aren’t blocking any specific files from loading. You can help check for this by previewing the page and then generating a HAR file to check for errors as specific files try to load. The link below has some steps on how to generate a HAR file in different browsers:

When you generate the HAR file you can share it with your IT team, but feel free to email it to if you’d like for us to take a look as well!

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