Project Templates / Library Lifecycle

Hi folks,

we can’t see any progression in basic and modern UX workflow aspects.

We are desperately missing features to speed up the project initialization process and to reduce the complexity of handling library changes in a distributed team.

So is it nearly impossible to reflect CI changes or just updating styles in a Library and automatically in related prototypes. We always have to scan every page of every prototype and in most cases we have to adapt every change manually.

It’s resulting in a very inconvinient situation and growing inconsistencies. Ugly!

But one of the most missing features:
Every time we start a new project every little bit and screw must be adjusted manually. It’s a time consuming and error prone task.

a) Is there a way to set page dimensions only once in a project not at every new page?
b) Can we define custom page dimension settings like a preset without using adaptive views for all folowing projects?
c) Is there a way to define our own Guides presets?
d) Is there a way to define custom color libraries?

The poor mans template (import an rp-file) is no apropriate solution!

Are our requirements such exotic ones? Aren’t there any other axure users missing these features?

Thanks in advance


I second this. Beyond that what I’d like to be able to do is create team project file templates hosted in the axshare cloud, so any time I (or a team member) changes a template, it can get applied to a team project. It would also be nice to just auto-apply templates at the folder level.

  • When I create a team file I’d like to apply a template to it during project creation so it can house all my custom colors, custom widget styles in the style manager, web fonts, etc.

  • It would also be nice to be able to apply templates to existing team project files

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