Prototype looks different when published on axshare

The prototype looks correct in Axure 9.

The prototype looks correct in the local preview.

The prototype looks broken when published to axshare.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

There can be minor differences in the local rendering engine used by Axure RP9 and the version used by Axure Share. Make sure your version of RP9 is updated to the latest version. When I have encountered issues like this it has usually been because my Axure was 3 or 4 minor version numbers behind and was out of step with the renderer on Cloud Share.

I am encountering identical issues on multiple projects with rendering from axshare even with the latest update that is Everything looks great on local machine preview.

I am up to date with the latest version of Axure RP9. I see this issue in multiple prototypes for different projects. I think it must be bug in the online rendering engine.

Hi codedesign!

If this is occurring with an icon font, it might be worth checking whether the icon font is set to display with “Fit to Text Width” styling (where the resizing handles display as yellow instead of white). It’s possible that as that font icon is being generated in the published project, the font is being set to a different alignment that’s dictated by the icon’s web font. You can test out toggling off the “Fit to Text Width” styling by slightly modifying the widget’s dimensions in the style pane—afterwards you can set the dimension back to your desired size, but the handles should display as white instead of yellow. After making this change, you can try updating the published project and checking the icon’s behavior. If all else fails, you could convert the icon’s widget to an image on the page. This will make it so that the icon is static and does not adjust depending on any font information.

I hope this helps some!