Prototyping Login Functionality

I am trying to create a prototype where users can create accounts. After the user creates an account, I want to display different buttons in the master header (view profile instead of sign in). I don’t know how to program this logic on every page without prompting the sign in master widget every time. Is there a way to say if a condition as been met, show a different header for the rest of the users session?

Also, I plan to use variables to show the data users input, but haven’t gotten that far yet. If anyone has tips, please share!


Check if this can help you get started with login.

You can show different widgets when user login. For the master header, I think its best to have separate header one for user not logged in and one for user logged in.

Thank you, James! Do you think the same principles would apply for a prototype that you don’t have to log into to browse all the pages that a logged in user would see?

I guess what I am doing can be thought of as an e-commerce site where users can browse all the same content whether they are logged in or not, but when it comes to purchasing, they must log in (no guest checkout option). I need to be able to show a different master header for a logged in user vs. not logged in. I have made both master headers as you suggest, just trying to now figure out how to tell the prototype to show the logged in header throughout the rest of the user’s journey through pages after they have logged in. It seems to currently only work for the one page where I prompt users to log in.

Okay, you don’t need to write any conditions. On the logged in user page. Place the header there.

I need the logged in header to then appear on every subsequent page the user visits.

Place the duplicate header on every page the logged in user see

They can visit all the same pages that a user not logged in can see. How do I tell axure to show the logged in header only to user who have actually logged in?

On your Homepage place the original header and On the Account page, Checkout Page, Payment Page place the duplicate header.

All logged in users will always see the same Account page so the duplicated header will remain the same

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Here is the Complete login pagelogin.rp (6.0 MB)