Publish with folders/tree collapsed

Is there a way I can publish my axure prototype with folders/pages/nodes etc collapsed? I’ve seen this feature request before and would be surprised if it weren’t available by now.

If this feature doesn’t exist, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add it. There are some necessary pages that affect how a prototype works that viewers should not have to see. I can’t publish without them or the prototype doesn’t work, but viewers look at them and don’t understand why they are there. For example the target page defined to display in an inline frame should not be exposed to a viewer, but if I publish without it (i.e. uncheck the box in “generate all page” tree), the data meant to be viewed in the inline frame will not display. Since I can’t publish with the folder/node closed, people are compelled to click.

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@josephxbrick posted a great solution here:

But it’s currently just working in Axure 8. Maybe he can update it to be also working Axure 9…


As you’ve noticed there’s not a way to collapse the nodes or folders for pages natively in Axure RP. The solution that freiand linked to should hopefully help depending on what version you’re using, and seems to have worked well for others in the past with similar needs. Feature requests and feedback are no longer received through the forums since we switched to a Q&A format, so please submit all further feedback and requests to email to to ensure that it reaches the product team. Thank you!