Publish without top bar (formerly sidebar) in RP9

Is it possible to publish a prototype without the sitemap/Top Bar? I’ve tried but can’t figure a way to eliminate it from the browser. It’s always accessible from the upper left corner.

There are still instances where I don’t want clients to see behind the scenes.

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Hi Steve!

Hmm, it doesn’t look like there’s a way in the version 9 beta to publish the prototype without the player (the least visible version is with it minimized), but a workaround for now to have the page load without the player would be to crop out the part of of the Axure Share URL that comes between the root URL and the page name, and append “.html” to it. For example, if you publish the prototype and get: 

You can crop out the “#id=tjm3zr&p=” portion and add the .html extension so that you’re left with: 

This should allow the prototype page directly without the player. Hopefully that helps in a situation where you need the player to not be included, but I’ll also go ahead and pass along the request to our product team for review.

In the meantime let us know whether you have questions. Thanks!

An Axure team member informed me that when viewing an Axshare prototype, if you make a very small change to the URL after you’ve hidden the top menu, you can refresh the page and you’ll get a new URL that completely displays without the top menu.

Original URL (with top menu hidden)

Updated URL (change c=1 to c=2)
Then refresh the updated URL

New URL is displayed (with no top menu)

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