Question about libraries in RP9

I am in the process of migrating to a new design/prototyping tool and Axure RP is one of my contenders. So I am in trial and unfortunately cannot evaluate RP9 as it seems. Anyways, my overall impression is that RP is one of the most comprehensive and powerful tools out there, but … the UX/UI - especially regarding some workflows - of the program is one of the worst I have seen so far, which I find kinda ironic :wink:

But the thing that bugs me the most BY FAR is the way updates of library widgets are handled. I expected to behave this like it works in virtually every other program in this area (even including good ol Fireworks!), and that is that every instance of a library widget is updated automatically when the original library item is edited. Instead we have to go through some ridiculous process by “importing styles”, and going through a 10+ step procedure with that cumbersome “wizard”. This alone took me quite a while to find out, and this is a definite showstopper for me!

Now, in the description of RP9 it reads: “Libraries auto-refresh”. Now, what does this mean? Does the library finally behave like almost everywhere else?


Nobody has an answer? That would be really helpful for me to know, since I have to make a decision to what software I switch ASAP. Or is there any way to test RP9 even without being a registered user?

Hi frankiee,

Thanks for the feedback about the current behavior of widget libraries in Axure RP. The 9 beta currently has the same behavior as in Axure RP 8 where widgets in an existing file will not update automatically. The “Libraries auto-refresh” mention on our 9 beta page is referring to the automatic update of widget thumbnails in the Libraries pane (users will see that the option to “Refresh Library” is gone in the 9 beta because of this new feature). Since this wasn’t quite what you were looking for, I’ve passed along your feedback about the behavior of widget libraries to our product management team for further review.

And if you’re still interested in trialing the 9 beta after the above, please let us know. Ty!

Hi Jane, thanks for your reply! Unfortunately this problem even goes deeper. While I could import styles (even though this process is quite cumbersome and not exactly intuitive) this does not work when I change other aspects of my widgets, for example even simple things like interaction styles. These do not seem to get imported when importiung styles, at least not for me. I have to say, the way widgets work right now in Axure defeats the whole point of having such a feature in the first place, at least for me. Is it even possible to change interactions, or do I really have to manually replace all widgets in all files when I want a global change like this? So yeah, it seems like it this is a total showstopper, and therefore I think it makes no sense to test RP9. So maybe we can talk again in some years, but as much as I like some aspects of Axure, it seems you just have lost another customer : (

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@Jane_Axure Can we please get the “Refresh Library” option added back in to RP9. OR If not, have a better way to auto-refresh library?

The current implemented way freezes my entire application and makes me have to wait before I can do anything again. This is particularly problematic when we are creating new libraries and are testing it in files. As the library is being updated frequently and thus freezing designer’s working files too frequently.

Other applications like Figma shows a badge notification that the library has been updated. It would be nice if Axure RP9 could implement something similar that way we are ‘alerted’ when the libraries have been updated but we can ‘choose’ to refresh the library when we want. Which wont interrupt our workflow.

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Following up on this topic.I am trialling version 9 and my library never updates, I have to either remove the library from the document I am working on or close the file I’m working on and reload it,

is there any update on this problem.?

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Following up on this as well. Can we please get an answer? I’ve spent a ton of time creating custom widget libraries only to have to MANUALLY update the widgets across all my screens. This is unacceptable.


Another vote for a real auto update of widgets. It is a showstopper for my team as well. We need the widgets to update automatically. (otherwise I love Axure!)
The library pane is also very slow to update. It does not freeze my application but it gives no indication it knows there is a change… it took me awhile to see it auto update. I had to close out of the file and reopen it to see changes. This often takes less time than the “auto” refresh.

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