Quiz score using global variables

Hi guys.
I asked Axure this but they palmed me off, so hoping the community can help!
I am creating a quiz for testing by the national government, so it’s a real project!
My tiny lizard brain is failing a bit…
I created a global variable Score and have it add +1 each correct answer
At the end of the quiz I want to give people a rough score, eg ‘poor’ ‘avergae’ ‘good’
And created an animation on a panel state for each of those results
So ideally when I get to the results page, it will …
know a the value of the Score variable
Display the relevant level of the panel depending on the score
Ideally if someone gets 1-3 right, they see the Poor anim, if they get 4-6 they see the Average anim etc
Any help on how to format this (assumming as an onload thing) on the results page would be appreciated on a cosmic level!

Hello, I’m sharing this rp file with you, to help you with your problem, I started with 2 global variables, which checks 3 conditions to assign an appreciation based on the quiz result, I hope this helps you.

TestQuiz.rp (140.5 KB)

Wow that is incredibly impressive you managed that!
You are seriously skilled at this, I am amazed.
I won’t pretend I understand exactly what you have done, but I am looking forward to trying to work it out!

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Thank you, I’m delighted, I’m available if you need additional help…