Rearranging button after sidebar folded

Hi everyone,
Could someone help me to realize or better the following functions,
1.header 100% wide.(using [[windows.width]], done)
2.sidebar 100% high.(using, [[windows.height]], done)
3.when sidebar folded to the left, header (and content below ) still 100% wide(take sidebar’s space). (using show/hide toggle, done) matter how header stretched horizontally, buttons in it would stay the same relative position of the edge.



That should happen automatically, if you mean that a button that is 10 pixels from the left edge of the panel will stay 10 pixels from the left edge of the panel when the panel fills the sidebars spot.

The only time I’ve seen it not happen is when the panel’s property “100% wide (browser only)” is selected. This is available on right-click, so make sure that’s not on.

But if I’m misunderstanding what you want to happen, a picture of what you want to happen along with a screenshot of what is actually happening will be helpful.


Rearranging button after sidebar folded_Jorkin.rp (52.5 KB)

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