Refresh from image library

Hi, thanks for all the Axure 9 improvements!

It’s great to see the addition of image libraries, but it would be EVEN GREATER if we could refresh library images when required. I see that dragging an image from an image library DOES retrieve the most recent version off the disk BUT it would be great to be able to refresh any image already in the prototype, or all images from an image library already in a prototype, to the latest version. (Also, the library thumbnails would need to update too.)

Working with a visual designer who generates various image assets (bitmaps and svgs) it would be a huge productivity boost if the visual designer could drop updates into a folder that I can update from as required. (For extra credit, a Dropbox folder :slight_smile:



I would love to use that feature too! It’s a real pain to refresh image assets in my prototypes.


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It would be very helpful!

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