Repeater analysis

After some two years I’m back w/ Axure again and need to become accustomed w/ it a bit.

I have a problem with analysing repeater data; maybe you can help me w/ that:

In Repeater RP1 I have a list of item types (e.g. “Cars”, “Bicycles”, “Motorcycles”, …).
In RP2 I have single instances of such vehicles; each has a column “itemType” to identify to which RP1 item type it belongs to; and there is more data per vehicle (like manufacturer, S/N, colour, consumption, …))

When the page loads, this should happen:
The item types are listed and it’s said how many vehicles of one type there are.
Per item type it is shown if [all items of that type] are from the same manufacturer or of several; and this should show up automatically after loading the page.
So it could / should look like this:

  • Cars: 5; Manufacturer: Ford
  • Bicycles: 20; Manufacturer: several
  • Motorcycles: 2; Manufacturer: Enfield

I couldn’t find a way of how to analyse a set of data in a repeater, and I couldn’t find a way of … (sort of) connecting two repeaters:

  • the key “car” in RP1 is read > RP2 is searched for item type “car” > the list which is fed by RP1 now shows for the “car” entry whether all cars are from the same manufacturer or not (name or “several”).
  • then RP1 reads “bicycle” > RP2 is searched for all bicycles > the list fed from RP1 shows if all bicycles are from the same manufacturer or not

Is that possible w/ Axure?

Please find attached an example file that not yet contains any interactions (besides filling boxes w/ repeater data).

Thank you for any help!20210727_RepeaterAnalysis.rp (66.9 KB)

Create a new column in RP1 and fill with " " (one space):

Set default value

“Update rows” in RP1 when “item loaded” in RP2.


20210727_RepeaterAnalysis_Jorkin.rp (69.9 KB)