Repeater Editor / Presentation

Hi there.

When working with the repeater, I noticed a wrong rendering in the presentation mode / published version.
in the editor, the buttons are rendered correctly with fit-to-textwidth and -height, and with text align right.
But in the presentation, the buttons don’t resize like in the editor (which means it could be interpreted correctly). The text on each button is aligned on the left side / somewhere else (?) and is overlapping.

Please see the screen snippets attached to this post.
What are my options to display it correctly?


This is a long-standing bug–or at least shortcoming–in Axure. When a widget is set to “Fit to Text Width” it only works in the editor, not dynamically. When a widget is in a repeater the editor seems to treat each row as if it had different widgets, but in the browser it is definitely “repeated duplicates” --so the widget will be the same width in all rows, regardless of whether “Fit to Text Width” is set. In other words, it would need to be dynamically resized as the repeater loads, and that doesn’t happen. Technically, this is the way it is documented to work, but realistically nobody expects this or wants it to behave this way.

Here are a few threads and workaround solutions for this topic:

Thank you for the reply.

The Problem is, that I NEED a way to have the with of the buttons corresponding to its content.
I’m working for a medical device with lot of information on the GUI and a good space management is very very critical. For discussing solutions, I need a way to create different variants in a fast way.

In Axure 10 Beta this is some how working, for the text headers but not for the paragraphs.


What are my options to display it correctly?

… But in a way, that don’t need days for creating an alternative layout?

I will try my best with Axure 10 Beta

Axure RP 10 Beta
I found out, that only headers (H1, H2, etc) can have a dynamic width.

Therefore, the header must be styled in the preferred way and then be saved as a new style element.
And you never ever be allowed to click on the size constraints (fit to text width/height).

This procedure must be done for each state of the button (hover/active/disabled).axure-10-b-%20solution

Also the state styles must have no info about changing sizes, accept for border strength.

I hope this can help some one.