Repeater Filter -Currency Format


I have loaded data from a spreadsheet into a repeater. One column is currency and I am trying to create a minimum-maximum filter. It appears that because the spreadsheet data is in currency format, the filters don’t work. Is there a solution to this problem?

I have another column with plain text numbers, and the filter works fine. Do repeaters treat currency as text not numbers?


Can you include the .rp file or a screenshot that contains the described repeater data in currency format so we can take a look?


OD_Peer_Pages.rp (1.0 MB)

Thanks for taking a look


Thanks for adding that file for us to take a look!

Yes, you’re right. It looks like because you’re using the dollar signs and commas, the math functions do not recognize these characters. Repeater filters and custom math expressions are only able to assess numerical characters (and decimals). If the data includes non-numerical characters like a dollar sign, then the data will not match the filter.

One quick way to workaround this is to create a duplicate column of values that is not connected to any widget and remove any commas and dollar signs. Then have the filter target this column instead.