Repeater gets nulled in dynamic panel copy - bug?


Here is the flow:

  1. I create a repeater.
  2. I create a Dynamic panel of the repeater (and other widgets - that does not make any difference)
  3. I duplicate state1 (that has the repeater inside)
  4. I open state 2 - repeater now is nulled. no values even though all interactions defined.
    when I try to “reconnect” and load the values - I did not succeed.

    To overcome this, I just copy the repeater from state1 to state2 and it works.

I think it’s not an expected behavior, although I did not checked it by doing the same in axure8.

Hi, this sure sound like a bug - on V8 I was able to duplicate a DP state that includes a repeater successfully - all the repeater data was duplicated and appeared on the new state as expected

Hi guys!

This definitely looks like a bug, and I’ve filed this with our QA team. :slight_smile:

Thanks! BTW, if you copy & paste the repeater from one state to another - it works.
So it happens only when duplicate a state that includes the repeater.


Any update on this one? this bug still exists even with the latest update…

Hi @Greenozaur,

We’re still working on this bug, but we’ll update this thread when there’s a fix in place. You can also check out the RP 9 beta release notes to stay up to date on bug fixes, features, and other stuff as the beta progresses:

We push updates every other week, so make sure to check back often!