Repeater Row Selection Issue

I have a problem selecting repeaters row. What I want to do is - select an item from the navigation sidebar whenever the corresponding content element is clicked on, and then when you click on another content element, deselect the previous navigation element and select the correct one. I tried using the “Repeater List Example” shared by mbc66 here, but it seems than I can’t deselect the previous item. Tried few different ways and nothing worked. Here is my prototype:
And the file: Issue.rp (661.4 KB)

Any ideas will be highly appreciated.

The second update you’re trying to fire on load of the items when its selected is problematic.

In the attached I have two approaches - both work. The first is closer to your original, the 2nd is a bit different but might be easier to maintain.

Issue.rp (687.0 KB)

In the first (Page Name is “Issue-Reset”) - instead of setting the other rows to “No” on the onload event, we “reset” the repeater and set all rows to “No” onclick before setting the selected row to “Yes”. The rest of your existing logic works fine then after we remove the update in the 2nd case.

In the 2nd approach (Page Name is “Issue - Use Selection”), I take advantage of the fact that you can use the “Selection Group” within a repeater (assuming that you uncheck the “Isolate Selection Groups” option for the repeater. I also consolidated your Content elements into a repeater as it’s the same group of widgets with different text on each. For this approach I set a global variable on click equal to the color. Then I “clear all filters” on the other repeater which causes it to refresh the Navigation sidebar repeater. Onload, it checks to see if the colour name matches the global variable. If it does, it sets the item to selected. Because we have the Isolate Selection Groups unchecked, it will automatically clear the prior selected item.

Let me know if you have any questions on either approach.

Thank you very much! I used the Issue Rreset method, as the other one won’t be suitable in my case (the Content elements are huge complicated groups with many dynamic panels and other elements, so can’t be included in a repeater).
Thanks again, I wouldn’t be able to figure it out on my own :slight_smile: