Select a row in repeater one and disable or highlight the same row in repeater two

Hello everyone,

There a two repeaters.
If you select any row in repeater 1 , the row with the same text value in repeater 2 needs to be disabled, or highlighted in a any color at least.

I tried different ways including the solution of Repeater Row Selection Issue , but it’s not working.
After hours of figuring it out, I really need some help. Thank you very much.

repeater_select-and-disable.rp (51.1 KB)

Hi @Jannic,

I was able to take a look at your .rp file and it seems like you were on the right track with using global variables and marked rows. Although it is possible to get the desired behavior using marked rows, I used a different method to access the internal contents of repeater 2 “rp_list_key”.

To achieve this, I included a “Move” action that targets the repeater 2’s item “rectangle_Key”. On the targeted widget, I added the interaction “Moved” “Disable This” with the conditional logic that matches the global variable to the text on the widget. This “Move” acts as a placeholder/dummy action that allows the contents of the repeater to be re-evaluated per item. I have made these edits to your .rp file and included it below to illustrate this:

repeater_select-and-disable - Axure Edit.rp (49.6 KB)

repeater_select-and-disable.rp (49.5 KB)
another option

Hi @BenHoang_Axure @strelec.

Thank you very much. That was the right input.
I used the method of strelec, because I already tried a version with “edit row data” before. So that was more familiar to me.

repeater_select-and-disable_final.rp (50.2 KB)

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