Repeater rows do not dynamically change height in shared/published project - but does so in Axure itself

I have a project where I’m simulating a messaging app. I have created a repeater where each new message is a row and set the repeater to dynamically change their height depending on the length of the message like this:

Item Loaded:
Set size to 375w x [[LVAR1.height + 40]]h

LVAR1 in this instance is the height of the widget containing the message, which varies in length (and thus height since width is fixed for this).

I’ve enabled both “Fit to Content in HTML” and “Fit to Text Height” on the repeater and individual widgets respectively.

I sort of assume this is a bug since it shows correctly in the software itself, but looks like a cluttered mess in the rendered HTML in both the shared and published views.

Is this a known issue and if so, are there any known fixes?

Never mind. Just found this reply on a similar question: Bug in repeaters when using "fit to content in html": Height of row to does not adjust in rendered html, only inside Axure

I guess it’s a bug then.