Repeater Table with Columns spanning multiple rows?

Hi All,

I need to recreate a table style from Salesforce - where the first column spans multiple rows, and the value is centered across those rows.
Easy enough as a table - but any ideas on how I can create this using a repeater in Axure?
Here is an example of the type of table I want to get to:

Here is what I have so far:Progress so farRepeater Progress.rp (1.5 MB)

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated!


I’d just have the first column as a dynamic panel containing two states: one “blank” (i.e. grey in your example) and the other with the name of the Owner. Have another column called “ShowOwner” or something containing nulls for all the blank rows and 1s for when you want to display the name. Then have an onItemLoad condition in the repeater that says if “ShowOwner” = 1 set the dynamic field to the state that displays the name. The default being blank.

Job done. This technique of using conditional statements to control states of dynamic panels in repeaters allows you to create highly sophisticated table formats.