Repeaters with a Drop Down & Dynamic Panel


Hi, I would love it if someone can point me in the right direction with repeaters.

I’m trying to Add a new row/card, but I can’t figure out how to populate a new row with the Link drop down reset to the value ‘Select’ and change the panel state of the Icon Dynamic Panel (uploader).

If you can help me I will forever be thankful.


Hi Matthew,

To change a droplist widget selection based on the repeater row, I added a repeater interaction “Item Loaded > Set Selected List Option” and added a condition to specify what row number (index) I want to target.

To have this interaction affect a dynamic panel state I included the droplist interaction “Selection Changed > Set Panel State” and also included a condition to specify which droplist option I want to specify.

I have attached my sample .rp file demonstrating this as well as included some useful links to our reference pages about these topics below:

Axure Repeaters with Droplist and Dynamic Panel.rp (61.6 KB)

Conditional Logic

Repeater Dataset Objects and Properties

Hope that helps!


Ben beat me, but I might as well post my very similar solution just in case it helps somebody. Cheers!
add-category-repeater.rp (81.4 KB)


Thank you both, this is great.

Luke thank you for such a full solution, I can adapt that and build it into many different scenarios. You don’t know how useful it will be for me.

Thanks again, very much appreciated.


Hi Luke, I took a lot of learnings from your file and I’ve nearly got everything working in my repeater. I also updated the Link drop down in each new row to show ‘Select’ as default, which is important.

However, when I add a new row and enter content to it, on the next Add row it removes the content added in the second row. I wonder if you could take a look at the attached file.

Also, I when I delete a row, it removes any new content added from other rows as well. So it feels like I need to isolate the actions to the selected row only.

Many thanks for your help.

repeater.rp (103.3 KB)


Hi Matthew, unfortunately I’m still on Axure 9 and can’t open files created with 10 (perhaps @BenHoang_Axure could get someone to review my perennial request for a perpetual license option? pretty please?).

The first issue you’re describing sounds like you aren’t updating the current row before adding the new row. When your user clicks “add”, you essentially have to add a new blank row, and then update it with the user’s input when they click “add” again, before adding a new blank row.

The second issue is similar: any time your user updates information in any row, you have to use “update rows” to save that info back to the repeater’s dataset. This can get pretty complicated, but I might try using a field’s “lost focus” interaction to do that.


Really glad to see those solutions working for you, Matthew.

Luke, we really appreciate your contributions and being a long time user as well. Axure RP 10 has transitioned to a subscription-only license model so RP 9 was the last perpetual licenses offered. However, if you wish to test out RP 10 we’ve gone ahead and applied an extended free trial to your account associated with your Axure forum email address. Feel free to download Axure RP 10 and sign in under this email to activate.


Thanks Ben, I appreciate this!