Report Error-Exception of type "LP6A.wP6E" and UI bug

Can’t finish this project because of this.
Can’t even file the report because of reporting UI bug, no button to submit report.

Problem: Exception of type “LP6A.wP6E” was thrown.
I think it has something to do on copying components from one project to the other. Then when you keeps on editing the dynamic panel it will show this error.

Troubleshooting done:

  1. Restarted axure rp
  2. Uninstall install
  3. Imported the components/page from one project to another
    Still problem persists! keeps on bugging me

Hi @jess, thanks for writing in! Can you please send the following information at so we can investigate the issue?

  1. A copy of your .rp file.
  2. Detailed repro steps.
  3. Your troubleshooting log files. You can find them by going to the main menu and selecting “Help>Show Troubleshooting logs”.

We look forward to hearing back from you!

Hi Tanya I replied to your email and sent you the file and troubleshooting log files

Jess sent us their file to Axure Support, and we identified a bug on our 3905 build related to the state changes in the dynamic panels. If you experience something similar, please roll back to our previous stable build, 3904; you can find it on our release page:

I’m still using 3905 build and ran in to this error too. Has this error been fixed in some later version?

If you’re working with dynamic panels, then there is a good chance updating to the latest build will resolve these errors.

You can install the latest build by navigating to our download page linked here:

Or in Axure RP 10 you can use the menu path “Help > Check for Updates”.