Resize group and lock "Shape" or "Image" aspect ratio

I’ve been working with Axure now for some time but one thing, that always bugs me is, that i can’t lock aspect ratios for indivudal elements.

For example:

I habe Button Widget that is a group of an icon shape and a rectangle shape but suddenly i realize the button needs to be bigger in length. If i use the mouse to resize the group in it’s length not just the rectangle gets stretched, but also the icon shape… but i want the icon shape to maintain it’S aspect ratio, I have no other choice but to resize each element in the group individually.

Or i have an area of widgets whre i realize that it’s to wide. So i want to change the entire area in one swoop and use the mouse to make its width smaller. Everything scales and with text it works fine, because text mantains its aspect ratio. But if i have one image it loses its aspect ratio when i change everything in one swoop.

The is the option to hold “shift” or lock the aspect ratio in the settings… but it only ever works for all elements if i want to resize a group.

Is there a way to keep the aspect ratio of individual elements in a group if i resize the entire group? This would be an awesome feature that would make our workflow much better.

Hope, i could explain my problem. Maybe there is also a solution that i didn’t see until now.
Thanks for any input.


+1 for this issue to be solved: I have many libraries with group of elements which sometimes need to be resized but one or two included elements which shouldn’t be resized. After resizing the group I have to re-size the elements I didn’t want to modify.

There is an option in Axure called “Locking” but i can only lock to size AND location, not just size. I used to love Adobe Fireworks because locking widget size, so I’d be very happy if Axure can solve this problem as well.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback about the need for locking aspect ratios of individual widgets during resizing! We’ve changed our forum setup over to a Q&A format and have moved feedback and feature requests to email instead of on the forums, so this thread will be closed. We’ve gone ahead and passed your notes along to the appropriate team, but for future feedback please send those via email to to ensure that they’re seen and filed appropriately with the product team. Thank you!