Resizing widgets mess up location

Whenever I select a group of widgets to resize, I would expect the location of the widgets to be updated based on the new size; however, Axure doesn’t seem to do that. For example, I resize the rows in a tablet to be taller. I would expect the rows to change location to accommodate the new height, so that they do not overlap each other. However, the location stays the same, so I have to go into each row to move it so it no longer overlaps. Is this expected behavior? Is there a setting I could use to change this?
Thanks for your help!!

Hi kellytaylor04!

Hmm, it sounds like your grouped widgets are overlapping when the height for these widgets is adjusted. Are you using the width and height values found under “Each Widget” in the Style pane to modify the sizing?

By default, groups always fit exactly to their contents, so resizing a group in most cases will reposition the contained widgets and will also resize them as much as allowed for that widget type.

The “Each Widget” values are available for when you would prefer that the group’s widgets do not follow these default scaling behaviors. Adjusting the height and width for each widget using these values could be expected to result in overlap.

However, by adjusting the height value for the overall group from the toolbar, or from the “Location + Size” section of the group’s style pane, the widgets should not overlap, as the widgets automatically adjust to height and width values that are scaled for the group’s width and/or height specifications. If you have not already done so, please try modifying your group’s height using the group’s height value:

I hope this helps!