Apply a specific width to multiple widgets

Hi Experts,

I am new to Axure and I am using a 3rd party library were labels are grouped like a table, i.e. like rows and columns:

I need to change the width of all widgets of one “column”. This is not possible as the labels are grouped like “rows”. I can change the width of an individual widget, e.g. in the style pane:

But how can I change it for all widgets of the first “column”, i.e. all widgets below ‘Sales Order No.’?

Because of the grouping I cannot highlight two or several individual widgets of the first “column”, I can highlight only one widget of the first “column” at one stage.

It seems in RP8 it was in the style pane an option “Each Widget” available. See, also Resizing widgets mess up location. Would that solve my problem by setting the width for multiple widgets in one go? However, in RP9 I cannot find this feature.

Thanks a lot for your help,

Can you use the repeater object?
Repeater.rp (53.3 KB)

I am not looking for a way to manage the content as you can do e.g. with repeaters.

Beside the standard Axure libraries I am using a 3rd party library. Here are lots of text fields grouped into a “table structure”. I want to reuse this “table structure” and want to reduce the width of the text fields, so that there’s more space and I can include an additional “column”, i.e. list of text fields. See table structure.rp (209.2 KB)

I ungrouped all the text fields and wanted to mark with the mouse all text fields of the first “column”. But that’s not possible as still beside the “50009070”-text fields the whole row would be selected (in orange):

Not sure why. And the width-field in the style toolbar contains the width of the whole “table structure” and not of the “50009070”-text fields. So, I can’t do a mass-change.

Is there a fast way to mark the “50009070”-text fields in the first “column”? So that I can change the width for all of them?

The only possibility I found was to click on each single “50009070”-text field by holding the CTRL or SHIFT-key:

But that takes so much time. Any idea how to either highlight the “50009070”-text fields in a fast way or do a mass-change of the width of these text fields?

Hi, Nick2. Axure has two selection modes. If you pick the one on the right, you should be able to select one column of widgets by dragging, the way you illustrated, without selecting the entire row.



Hi Jeff, thanks a lot. That solved my issue.