Reveal items if

I’m hoping for some help on this one. Let’s say that you have ten points on a map that you want revealed if the user clicks and drags a box on the map. Possible?

I think that I can set the items to hidden and reveal if that box is created over them. But is there a way to create the box?

So essentially I’m looking to create a selection tool that reveals items.

The Ten points can be a Hotspot widget

The hidden items can be things like widgets, icons, image, etc does not matter.

When user click and drag a Box widget , or click a section, or move there pointer on the map or close to any of the Ten point Hotspot widget

Then you can show the hidden items that is either around the Ten points that was set as hidden

The only thing is to give each widgets, hotspot, unique names, so you can show what specific item as the user move around, click any area on the map.

This is possible, but you have to plan the design process.

It sounds like you’re trying to mimic a marquee or “rubber-band” select: Prototyping marquee selection

You could probably adapt the logic to move/show/hide widgets that are covered by the resized shape.