Right-click / Context Menu actions in Axure

The latest seems to have changed the behavior of right-click interactions where the browser / operating system right click menu now appears on every right-click interaction which is really bothersome.

In situations where there are multiple ‘cases’ for the users to select on a right-click interaction, the user is blocked from seeing the cases because the browser’s right click menu is overlayed on top, and must click out to see the cases.

Can this be corrected back to the original behavior in the next update?

Hi didgeriwho!

The behavior you spotted when using the Context Menu (Right Click) event is an issue that our respective teams have on file. While this issue currently being investigated, I’ve gone ahead and added a note about your experiences with this.

One thing to note is that we have only seen this behavior occur while working with the latest release candidate, 3662. You can revert to the most recent stable build, 3661, and the context menu events should function as expected.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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