Rotate action is also moving the widget

I tried rotating a widget on a corner then clicking again to rotate it back. after i got it working it started rising upward on its own. is this happening due to the anchor changing or something else. its making it difficult to return to the original position.

rotate move.rp (69.7 KB)

Hi mcsper,

I’ve encountered the same issue while trying out to rotate something on button click.

Rotate on click

I believe this is an bug where the “bottom” anchor point I’ve defined is not stable.

rotate-feature.rp (53.1 KB)

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late response! I’ve taken a look at both of your files, and it does seem like something strange is going on when rotating a widget from a non-center anchor point. I’ve filed a ticket with our QA team about this, and they’ll be taking a closer look. Thanks!

thanks. good luck finding it

I feel your pain, but I did laugh when your clock hand just floated off.

Any news on that front? :confused:

Hi greasort,

I believe the original report may have been fixed up in one of the later builds of RP 8. Are you using build 3303? Feel free to grab that at <>. That said, there may be some residual issues related to the original bug (e.g. rotating groups), and if you’re seeing odd behavior, please attach a copy of your RP. We’d be happy to continue testing with your demo file. Thank you!

I’m encountering a similar bug. I have a bell icon that I’m animating by rotating one way, then the next, and repeat. Even though the anchor point is set to center, for some reason it’s moving the widget north west. Attached a sample axure file with the problem.

Can you assist?
axure-rotate-bug.rp (60.7 KB)

axure-rotate-bug.rp (60.5 KB)

In the group that you are rotating you have an invisible ellipse off center from the bell. I don’t know if that was on purpose, but that makes your bell rotate in unexpected directions.

Thanks. That’s fixed it. I think it was put there to ensure center of bell moved, but i moved the badge outside of the group so it can be removed.

Does anyone know if this has been resolved? I am having a similar issue where I’ve created a dial and am rotating it both clockwise and counterclockwise based on text/slider inputs. Thanks in advance on any guidance.

If you can share the file we can take a look and make sure it isn’t some little problem.

I opened my old file that i originally uploaded and it no longer rises upward so it may be fixed

I’ve posted a new topic here:

As I have a couple of issues. Thanks for any help.