RP 9 Beta Download Link and Release Notes

Axure RP 9 is available for download at www.axure.com/release-history/rp9

Pricing information can be found at www.axure.com/pricing

To learn more about what’s new in Axure RP 9, head over to www.axure.com/new-in-9


Axure RP

The Axure RP 9 Beta is now available to all existing customers!

Axure RP

  • Widgets created with Insert Text tool will be auto-fit height
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the editor from opening
  • Fixed error pasting images from the browser on Mac
  • Fixed error selecting multiple states from the inline editing panel state selector
  • Fixed some snapping issues
  • Fixed some issues editing vector points
  • Fixed some Sketch plugin issues
  • Fixed checkboxes and radio buttons from legacy files having no visible border
  • Fixed repeater not updating when editing its OnItemLoad
  • Fixed extra reference page widgets appearing on pages
  • Fixed guides rendered in back appearing in the wrong place when zoomed
  • Fixed widget rendering on top of other widgets during resize
  • Fixed local HTML publish path not being remembered between generations
  • Fixed an issue with text field padding in the HTML
  • Fixed a font scaling issue
  • Fixed popups showing in the wrong location on Windows
  • Fixed issues moving RP between scaled displays on Windows
  • Fixed multiple issues working on scaled displays on Windows

Axure RP

  • Fixed issue with some widgets not appearing in the HTML on non-English machines
  • Fixed client not remembering some pane configurations across sessions

Axure RP

  • Fixed some remaining widgets still not appearing in the HTML on non-English machines

Download 3617 for Mac | Download 3617 for Windows

Axure RP

  • Optimized loading and saving pages and masters
  • Optimized performing some operations on large images
  • Added more colors for multi-case events
  • Made collapsed events expand when adding cases
  • Fixed not being able to drag interactions onto empty cases
  • Fixed style preview not rendering when switching between style effects
  • Fixed global variables not auto-populating when setting to value of variable
  • Fixed vector point context menu not becoming enabled after convert to custom shape
  • Fixed undo/redo not working while drawing in pen mode
  • Fixed error dragging on a widget while in pen mode
  • Fixed error pressing delete after drawing the first point of a shape
  • Fixed error clicking shape border after exiting point edit mode
  • Fixed some errors when undoing changes while in point edit mode
  • Fixed error closing the Adaptive Views dialog on a page with no AVs
  • Fixed issue undoing changes made from arrows in number fields
  • Fixed dynamic panel borders rendering behind their content in RP
  • Fixed select contained mode not working while inline editing Dynamic Panels
  • Fixed align text left shortcut enabling the line tool
  • Fixed Return key closing Find/Replace dialog instead of finding/replacing on Mac
  • Fixed page notes getting mixed up in the HTML when switching between duplicated pages
  • Fixed issues using horizontal scroll when switching Adaptive Views in the HTML
  • Fixed the recover file prompt appearing on launch despite properly closing RP on Windows
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Axure RP


  • Group editing mode is now indicated by a border instead of a mask
  • Added border to highlight bounds of dynamic panel while inline editing
  • Using dropper while editing a panel or repeater now temporarily hides mask for more accurate color picking in the masked area
  • Added Select Widget option to context menu to pick a widget at the right-click location (replaces using slow click of the widget in front to get to a widget in back)
  • Double-clicking a widget from outside its group selects it instead of starting an edit
  • Fixed updating dynamic panel size when switching fit to content states while inline editing
  • Fixed selection issues pressing [Escape] from inside groups, dynamic panels, and repeaters
  • Fixed issues selecting widgets after zooming with a scroll wheel or holding command with a two finger tap on a trackpad
  • Fixed reset zoom shortcut not working with [0] from the number pad

Pen Tool & Custom Shapes

  • Switched curve/sharpen hotkeys in vector point mode
  • Made [Enter] behave like [Escape] in pen mode
  • Fixed some issues working in pen mode and vector point mode
  • Fixed some Sketch Plugin issues

Color Picker

  • Fixed issue with characters appearing in wrong order when typing hex values in color picker
  • Fixed error editing a gradient after deleting a gradient stop
  • Fixed error loop caused by clicking the canvas to close the gradient color picker in some contexts


  • Clicking the canvas while the event, action, or widget selector popups are open in the Interactions tab keeps the current widget(s) selected
  • Fixed Insert Action popup not resizing correctly when interactions list is long
  • Fixed Y value replacing X value on move action when using the Edit Value dialog
  • Fixed error adding a set adaptive view action when AVs are not enabled for the page

Generated HTML

  • “Use Default” button now available in Generate HTML and Specification dialogs
  • Fixed error generating HTML when page contains an image fill stretched horizontally and vertically
  • Fixed issues using push/pull inside of groups
  • Fixed vertical text alignment being set to top after changing visibility of a widget with animation
  • Fixed text on connectors not showing in the HTML


  • Made master views set to a page’s Adaptive Views when placed, if the views match by name
  • Fixed error toggling Isolate Radio or Selection Groups from inside a repeater
  • Fixed preserve corners on images
  • Fixed character spacing on text links

Windows Fixes

  • Print and print preview are now working on Windows
  • Optimized performance around thumbnails and large images in Libraries on Windows
  • Fixed hard crash applying a shadow to filtered images or placeholders with text on Windows
  • Fixed error closing RP while minimized on Windows
  • Fixed text aligning at the bottom of its line spacing on Windows

Mac Fixes

  • Improved zooming with mouse wheel scroll on Mac
  • Fixed some issues with tabbing in dialogs on Mac
  • Fixed issue updating RP on Mac when RP hadn’t restarted since previous update

Axure RP

  • Fixed canvas jumping when scrolling with a Mac trackpad or Apple mouse
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Download 3621 for Mac | Download 3621 for Windows

Axure RP

  • Additional changes to scrolling on Mac
  • Fixed issue adding a new widget library

Axure RP

  • Changed UI control for adding raised events
  • Made a few changes to the dynamic panel inline editing toolbar
  • Updated handling of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Input Method Editors (IMEs) on Windows
  • Fixed currently open tabs not showing in tabs dropdown on Windows
  • Fixed masks, guides, and grid disappearing after using the color dropper on Mac
  • Fixed “hide unnamed” icon incorrectly appearing enabled in the widget selector
  • Fixed error copying an action from a widget-specific event to a different widget type
  • Fixed events and interactions appearing in reverse order after copy/paste
  • Fixed some issues using undo in the Interactions pane
  • Fixed some errors working in pen mode
  • Fixed an issue converting SVGs to shapes
  • Fixed some issues with table controls blocking drag of other widgets
  • Fixed error using Distribute or Align on a selection containing a connector
  • Fixed some issues with image scaling when filters are applied
  • Fixed issue clearing an image from the default image widget
  • Fixed some rendering issues with shapes in the HTML on European machines

Download 3623 for Mac | Download 3623 for Windows

Axure RP

  • Fixed connectors with rounded turns in the HTML
  • Fixed shapes with corner radius and semi-transparent borders or fill in the HTML
  • Fixed issues with linear gradients in the HTML on European machines
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Download 3624 for Mac | Download 3624 for Windows

Axure RP

  • Added Condensed View mode for Interactions (enable in Preferences dialog)
  • Updated UI for Condition Builder, updated experience of launching Condition Builder
  • Added previous and next state buttons to the inline panel state editing toolbar
  • Open panel state is remembered when navigating across pages in editor
  • Fixed an issue causing large file sizes from some projects with large dynamic panels
  • Fixed window properties not being applied for “open link in popup” interaction
  • Fixed issue adding actions to previously collapsed cases in legacy files
  • Fixed an issue searching widgets while “Hide Unnamed” is enabled
  • Fixed some issues selecting widgets overlapping tables
  • Fixed some issues editing text using IMEs on Windows
  • Fixed some errors working with connectors
  • Fixed issue setting focus on form widgets on mobile devices
  • Fixed mobile cursor not appearing in Safari
  • Fixed error when copying and pasting widget styles in legacy files
  • Fixed line patterns rendering as solid lines in the HTML
  • Fixed widget notes not showing in the HTML if page notes weren’t also included

Download 3625 for Mac | Download 3625 for Windows

Axure RP

  • Fixed text color of action descriptions on Interactions pane
  • Fixed missing show/hide from view icons for panels, groups, and masters in Outline pane
  • Fixed unplaced widget names not appearing as red in Outline pane
  • Fixed straight connectors in the HTML
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Axure RP

  • Added dark UI mode (enable via the “General” tab of the Preferences dialog)
  • Insert a single line of text by single-clicking the canvas while the “Insert > Text” tool is enabled
  • Fixed auto-fit width widgets wrapping text to multiple lines during text editing
  • Fixed pasting onto repeater data cells
  • Fixed pages losing their scroll and zoom positions when switching tabs
  • Fixed global guide color changing to page guide color after saving and reopening files
  • Fixed color detection of color dropper on Mac
  • Fixed some focus issues on the Interactions pane
  • Fixed “Unassign Widget” not working for widget notes
  • Fixed text entry in search fields when using an IME
  • Fixed some issues with text styling on text links
  • Fixed selection of widgets with mixed opacity changing to 0% opacity after toggling their visibility
  • Fixed footnotes showing on hidden widgets in the HTML
  • Fixed an issue with show as flyout in the HTML
  • Fixed push/pull not working in the HTML when masters are unplaced across AVs
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Download 3627 for Mac | Download 3627 for Windows

Axure RP

  • Fixed issue opening pages when no pages are open in some files
  • Fixed text color in dark mode for repeater dataset, some dialogs
  • Fixed error toggling condensed interaction view after closing a file
  • Fixed [Space] key collapsing the repeater dataset
  • Fixed notes on master instances blocking interactions in the HTML

Download 3628 for Mac | Download 3628 for Windows

Axure RP

  • Minor bug fixes

Axure RP

  • Optimized library loading
  • Added ability to copy and paste for style effects in the Interactions pane
  • Style effects can be edited via dialog (right-click, “Style Effects”)
  • Fixed gradient color picker getting stuck open when editing style effects
  • Fixed issue with highlight color while text editing in dark mode on Mac
  • Fixed scrollbars not always updating in HTML when page dimensions are used
  • Fixed issue showing widgets in pinned dynamic panels as flyouts in the HTML
  • Fixed footnotes on master instances and widgets in repeaters not showing in the HTML
  • Fixed scrolling interactions and events not firing correctly on iOS devices
  • Fixed setting This panel state not showing the state name in the interaction description
  • Fixed repeater dataset not updating after being converted to a dynamic panel
  • Fixed some issues with text visibility while in text edit mode in dynamic panels
  • Fixed widgets not snapping to grid while resizing
  • Fixed some issues with grids and guides
  • Fixed error right-clicking text fields in color picker and panel state menu on Windows
  • Fixed large images resizing incorrectly when sliced on Windows
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Axure RP

  • Fixed an error loop that could appear when returning focus to RP from another program
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Download 3631 for Mac | Download 3631 for Windows

Axure RP

  • Fixed repeater images not loading correctly in the HTML

Download 3632 for Mac | Download 3632 for Windows

Axure RP

  • Fixed not being able to edit text on images with [Ctrl]/[Cmd] + double-click
  • Fixed hard crash when setting size on “This widget” in a repeater
  • Fixed highlight showing on focus of borderless text fields in the HTML
  • Fixed footnote placement after resizing or rotating widgets in the HTML

Download 3633 for Mac | Download 3633 for Windows

Axure RP

  • Increased drop zone area for panes when customizing workspace
  • Added image to quick insert option in toolbar
  • Added more text properties to form elements
  • New files now start with a single page
  • Fixed master overrides of images not working in the HTML
  • Fixed issues scaling the prototype in the HTML
  • Fixed issues with pinned panels on iOS
  • Fixed hidden widget masks showing outside of fit to content panels
  • Changed boundary clipping in specification generation